diary of darkest days: of storms & rainclouds
  • diary in listsan account of my life in list form, one list per day
  • my body’s diary: exactly what it says, it’s self-explanatory – each entry is told from the perspective of different body parts, organs, muscles, etc
  • (i.e. BODY PART: THE BRAIN – Really working overtime today. My host refuses to get the sleep I desperately need to survive, to retain my full capacity, to delay my slow decay, that rapidly quickens every day…)
  • diary of perspective: each entry told from a random person’s perspective/narrative
  • (perspectives from someone I interacted with/saw/had some impact that day)
  • i.e. a diary from the perspective of ONLY my HATERS/people I had negative interactions/fought/argued with that day
  • diary of
  • diary of only images (each entry is conveyed through a single doodle/drawing/portrait/sketch/painting/collage/photo/etc)
  • survivor’s diary: each entry is an account of something I, or someone I personally know/have spoken with, survived throughout life
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